Practical and multifunctional. This Tote Bag for everyday use is designed to be comfortable, durable and functional.

To avoid the unnecessary expense of clothes and fabrics, at LORI BARCELONA we produce what we sell.

Complete your look for this season with the Bucket Lily Hat or the clutch bag with the same print!

Patterns that fall in love for the Tote Bag

At Lori Barcelona we select our illustrators very well. Fabiana De Sario from lylfm is one of them and this one stamped with the name EUREKA! It is the exclusive design that you have designed for us. Fabiana draws mainly on porcelain where she reproduces her drawings by hand and has recently explored the field of tattooing. You can see some of their prints on our Instagram or Facebook account.

The Tote Bag with EUREKA print! It is the ideal complement to wear it this season. Versatile, elegant, cheerful, … You will take it everywhere!




Outer material: recycled fabric from 100% recycled PET bottles

Inner material: waterproof nylon


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